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SPiN offers the MA61C, a universal adapter to transform incompatible off-the-shelf components to plug-and-play for satellite manufacturers. 

We accelerate the technology cycle by enabling faster integration through the adapter, to rapidly replenish depleted satellite systems. 

Our adapter connects to most off-the-shelf components, delivering costs reductions on average of 50% on design, and 30% on production, and removing a year from integration time.

Electronics hardware


Multipurpose Adapter Generic Interface Connector

MA61C Is the first satellite subsystem adapter with plug-and-play functionality that allows connecting any satellite subsystem with the main on board computer without installing any additional software or adapting hardware connectors. It adapts and integrates existing standard connectors and software.



MA61C supports subsystems electronic datasheets and space interfaces (SpW, CAN, UART, 1553B, I2C, SPI)



Easy and quick connectivity tool to any digital subsystem through commonly used space interfaces. It connects to a laptop via USB connection to monitor and command through an intuitive Graphic User Interface.

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Plug and play remote data node that connects between the satellite onboard computer and subsystem through existing interface.  The data nodes allow fast and smart integration, including diagnostic and monitoring functions.



Space Products and Innovation UG is a company whose goal is to spin in technology and concepts from outside the aerospace industry.

Currenty, the team is focusing on a multi-purpose adapter that applies the plug and play concept to satellite manufacturing and sub-system integration.

The adapter shall include hardware and software that connects existing satellite sub-system connectors and integrates their software without the need to install additional drivers, saving time in spacecraft design and manufacturing.

SPIn achievements so far include winning the first prize at INNOSpace Masters ESA BIC Challenge 2016 and Startup Weekend Space in Bremen 2015.

SPiN is also listed as top 70 Startups at Pioneers Festival 2016.



Business Meeting


Ran Qedar

Co-Founder & CEO

Giulia Federico

Co-Founder & COO

Saish Sridharan

Co-Founder & CTO

Open Workspace



Experienced Avionics Engineer

Item Subtitle

The avionic engineer will be part of the system engineering team of SPiN and will be responsible for system design, development and implementation of satellite avionics concepts using MA61C and the MA61C EGSE, cubesat, ADCS, small satellite and spacecraft versions.

CubeSat Design Engineer

Item Subtitle

The cubesat design engineer will be part of the system engineering team of SPiN and will be responsible for design of SPiN first cubesat in orbit demonstration mission - SPiN-1 and follow on missions for internal and external customers.

Experienced Avionics Engineer

US Based

The system engineer will be part of the system engineering team of SPiN Inc in the US. The engineer will be responsible for system design, development and implementation of spacecraft design concepts using MA61C in collaboration with commercial companies and governmental agencies.

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“ The electrical interfaces of DSI's standard products have to be usually customized depending on the requirements from customer to another. The resulting re-design efforts are usually not negligible. A product like MA61C adapter would allow direct re-use of DSI products in different scenarios with minor changes, hence optimizing re-use costs! ”

Elias Hashem
Business Development Manager at DSI GmbH

“[MA61C] is a unique way to make standardization and plug and play happen”

Chad Anderson, Managing Director Space Angel Network


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Principal office

Robert-Bosch-Str. 7, 64293 Darmstadt, Germany

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Space Products And Innovation Inc. , 1209 Orange Street, Wilmington, New Castle, 19801, Delaware, USA

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Amtsgericht Darmstadt, Germany (local court)

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HRB 99147

Managing Directors

Ran Qedar, Giulia Federico, Saish Sridharan


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