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What is MA61C?

The Multipurpose Adapter Generic Interface Connector (MA61C) is an intelligent system that can scan connections, detect incoming data, route and convert data between interfaces.  The bus interface allows connecting different subsystems to the onboard computer without driver installation or user configuration. The adapter monitors data on the bus and sends it to connected units via a USB interface. 

The core of MA61C is the GR712RC LEON3-FT SPARC V8 processor which supports multiple interfaces that can be used as both inputs and outputs. The processor has a built-in timer based on an onboard oscillator.

The MA61C holds a database of drivers, enabling plug and play functionalities, such as device recognition, self-configuration and driver installation. The MA61C is equipped with an internal memory of 64Mbit of SRAM and 64Mbit of FLASH for storage of onboard software, drivers, and data. 

Ma61C is bundled with an Application Programming Interface (API) to command and monitor the units connected directly to the spacecraft onboard computer or connected to a PC the USB interface. The package includes a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Windows to monitor and command connected sub-systems more easily.


The MA61C is an interface to the satellite subsystems, such as AOCS sensors and actuators, communication, power and payload subsystems, etc.

It adapts between the communication interface and protocol standards of different suppliers to the unique standard of the onboard computer.


  • MA61C

  • USB flash stick with windows API and GUI

  • Manuals


  • Processor: GR712RC dual-core 32-bit LEON3 fault tolerant SPARC V8 processor 48 MHz clock frequencies

  • Onboard software

  • Plug and play

  • Embedded driver database

  • Routing and converting

  • Data Buffering

MA61C can be used for ground support equippent and data handling avionics. visit the pages to know more about it.

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